Being an Erasmus student in Eisenstadt is a great experience

Living in Eisenstadt is very different than living in Volos, Greece. We are living in the ÖJAB-Haus, which is next to the PH. There are living many people, the most are students, from different countries. We had the opportunity to meet, communicate, change views and have fun with Hungarian, Croatian, American, Spanish, Chinese, German and of course Austrian students. We are bachelor students and we are seniors. Most of the courses in which we are signed here in PH-Burgenland are the same with the courses we had in our home town University, but we are also signed in courses new for us. For example we are learning how to play the guitar and generally Music, we have art and physical education lessons. Professors are very kind and helpful and we do not have any problems attending all the courses. Unfortunately we do not have any German courses that could be useful for us, so we have some difficulties with the language. We are also participating in practice lessons. In other words, every Tuesday we go to a school at Purbach and we watch the teaching of a bilingual class. Finally, we were able to travel not only in Austria but also in other countries in central Europe. Erasmus program gave us the opportunity to meet new people, different cultures and open our horizons so we definitely suggest everyone to take part!

University of Thessaly, Volos - Primary Education Department

University of Thessaly was established in 1984 and includes many university departments (medical, education, polytechnic, agriculture departments). Primary education department studies last four years (8 semesters) and includes lots of pedagogical and practical courses. (If you want more details search here: It is located in Volos, a city with 149.449 citizens and almost 10.000 university students. Volos is a very beautiful city in the center of Greece, between the Aegean Sea and Pelion Mountain.

 (Primary education department)

 (Amphitheater Kordatos)

 (Volos city)

Clio Barda, Eva Spathara – Erasmus+ students