Owing to the Erasmus-program I was able to spend a semester in the capital of Burgenland, in Eisenstadt. I was learning on the Pädagogische Hochschule. My course was Bachelorstudium Lehramt für Volksschulen.

My accommodation  was in the ÖJAB-Haus, which is located next to the building of the school. There lived a lot of people from all parts of Europe, so I lived in an international environment and I could get to know them and made a lot of friendship. 

It was a surprise for me that the timetable changed from week to week, but I got used to it easily. Although honestly almost all studies and learning about how to interact with children were standing far from my home educations, I really enjoyed all of the lessons, which I had. 

For instance I really liked the sport lessons that were sometimes very funny because of the practical lessons, when we had to ice skating (but to make a long story short, I am not the best skater).
I loved also the instrumental education, where we could learn to play guitar in a small group. Here we learned children's song. 
I had a German lesson on the school that was a German grammar education and I could study general German languages on another course twice a week in the Konservatorium. Personally I believe no doubt these lessons improved my German skills. 

There was good cooperation between the teachers and the students. All of my teachers and classmates were very helpful and friendly. 
I enjoyed working as a member of a team in an international environment, and living new experiences.

I think this program is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about their cultures and habits.