School development counselling

The Private University College of Teacher Education Burgenland is a professional support system in matters of school development (organisational development, personnel development, teaching development). School development explicitly stands for a conscious and systematic further development of schools that aim to optimise the quality of schooling and thus the effectiveness of teaching. Taking into account the objectives of educational policy and internal objectives, school development builds on an adapted control of the overall system in order to be able to define appropriate framework conditions and to support the development work at the schools. The aim of school development consultancy is to support schools in organising themselves independently, in reflecting on their own situation and in steering their development through targeted evaluation measures.

Implementation at the University College of Teacher Education Burgenland

The advisory services offered by the Private University College of Teacher Education Burgenland comprise focal topics of the current educational reform combined with the various educational policy objectives, and include demand-oriented topics of the individual school locations. In this way, the Private University College of Teacher Education Burgenland supports the school locations in their school development processes and accompanies them in the implementation of their reform projects, and in addition to that it sees itself as a driving force for high-quality and sustainable teaching development.

The consulting concept includes consulting services for individuals, groups, teams, steering groups and teaching staff in schools, as well as for local networks and associations in the province of Burgenland. Furthermore, multi-level cooperation in terms of governance is also supported with expertise.

Information leaflet "School Development Counselling - Primary Level" (pdf)

Information leaflet "School Development Counselling - Secondary Level" (pdf)