Religious Education Studies

The team of the Department of Religious Education and Diversity at the Private University College of Teacher Education Burgenland is intensively involved in the planning, implementation, management and evaluation of training and further education and training for both serving and prospective teachers of Religious Education in the context of quality assurance in religious education.  Intercultural education, ecumenism and the ethnic languages of the Burgenland are important concerns. Theological, religious pedagogical and didactic issues are specifically addressed. We are involved in pastoral care in schools, prevention of violence, sex education, interreligious dialogue and questions of "gender_diversity". In addition, as a team we develop spiritual and ethical training seminars for teachers at Catholic private schools and for elementary school teachers. Our research therefore focuses on the areas of religious education / sustainable learning, competence orientation / abduction, philosophizing and theologizing, biographical learning, aesthetic education as well as animal-supported pedagogy and bond-guided intervention.