Registration for further training

If you do not yet have an account at the PPH Burgenland, follow steps 1-8. If you already have an account at the PPH Burgenland but have never attended further training, carry out steps 5-8.

If you already have an account as "student of further training" ( = "Studierende der Fortbildung") at another Austrian University College for Teacher education, you can log in to your account there and click the button "Immatrikulation an weiteren PHs" and transfer your access data to the PPH Burgenland. After ca. 20 minutes you can log in at the PPH Burgenland and then sign up for seminars / courses.

Step 1: Open this website in a browser:

Step 2: On the home page you will find the link to registration, follow the instructions there.

Step 3: After submitting your registration you will receive an activation link, which we kindly ask you to confirm. If your registration does not work, you will receive an e-mail with a code which you should immediately send to support(at) We will deal with the problem (possibly caused by already existing data) and contact you as soon as possible. Please understand that this can take up to three working days.

Step 4: Choose a password and write it down together with the submitted e-mail address or access data before completing the registration. You will need this information to log into the PH-Online system again.

Step 5: After activating your account, go to the home page of the PH online system and click "My applications" and "Enter application". Creating the account takes some time - please do not click again. Tip: If an error message appears, refresh the window by clicking your user name in the top right corner!

Step 6: Select the semester and the study programme Further training. Attention: The training course is always only activated in the winter or summer semester. This depends on when your application is received and which admission period this date falls in.

Step 7: Enter your personal data and upload the required documents.

Step 8: Do not forget to click the "SEND" button or we will not receive your application.

Download (pdf)