Further training secondary level

The continuous changes in science, economy, technology, society and culture permanently place new demands on schools and require further developments in all areas of teaching and learning. Against this background, the aim of teacher training is to maintain, expand or supplement the professional knowledge and skills of teachers and to adapt them to scientific and social developments.

The in-service training programme developed by the University College of Teacher Education Burgenland supports teachers in coping with the diverse demands of everyday school life and is an important pillar of school development at various levels of the education system. Further education in this sense is to be understood as a programme of measures which is embedded in a school-internal, regional, provincial and nationwide context and is intended to benefit a systematic quality development of the entire school system. The focal points of the annual programme are coordinated by the PPH Burgenland with the Federal Ministry of Education and the Burgenland Education Directorate on the basis of the needs and concerns of the schools.

The further education programme consists of an annual programme, which is activated in PH Online every year on 15 April for the coming school year, as well as of courses on current topics which are offered all year round at short notice.