Further training in preschool education

Social changes and current research findings have led to the fact that early education is currently accorded major significance. In this context, requirements and tasks are constantly changing and growing. Professionalisation, creativity and flexibility of all those involved in the system are increasingly demanded. With our further training courses in the elementary/preschool education sector, we want to support preschool teachers and after-school care teachers in their professional activities and in coping with their professional challenges. In doing so, the team of elementary pedagogy is guided by the current educational framework plan and the scientific findings on early childhood.

The further education programme is developed in cooperation with the preschool supervisory authority of the Burgenland Provincial Government and consists of an annual programme, which is activated in PH Online every year on 15 April for the coming preschool year, as well as of courses on current occasions which are offered all year round at short notice.