phpublico - Zeitschrift für Bildung und Erziehung

Publications of the University College of Teacher Education Burgenland

phpublico NEW wants to continue the well-established tradition to support our staff in publishing their articles.  
phpublico NEW also wants to offer teachers and headteachers of schools a platform to share their experiences and observations from school practice with an educational community. We hope that this will not only give impulses for theory, but also initiate an exciting and lively exchange between colleagues.  
phpublico NEW appears three times a year. Each issue deals with a specific main topic. Please make sure that your contribution relates to it.
In view of the different perspectives, methodological approaches and also the different writing styles, we hope to provide pedagogically interested readers with a variety of ideas for further discussion.
We ask you to submit your contributions according to the guidelines provided to: calls.phpublico(at)

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