Executive department of Minority Education

The history of Burgenland shows the possibilities and potential that can arise through multilingualism and inter- or transcultural learning. The Private University College of Teacher Education Burgenland (PPH Burgenland), with its focus on minority education and autochthonous minority languages (ethnic group languages), supports the bilingual education system in Burgenland and dedicates its Executive Department of Minority Education to the situation of the Burgenland autochthonous minority languages Croatian, Hungarian and Romany.

With the aim of doing justice to Austria's linguistic diversity as an education system and creating sensitivity for the special (linguistic) role of autochthonous minorities, the Department of Minority Education is involved in research and development projects, represents the PPH Burgenland in regional and national committees and supports initiatives in the education and further training of educators as well as in the support of educational institutions.


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