Department of University Development and Multiprofessionalisation

The overarching goal of the department is the long-term and sustainable further development of the university. To achieve this, the university as a whole is taken into consideration. Its task is to accompany the university as a learning organisation in a theory-based manner and to support its staff in teaching, research and administration in a trusting environment in their systematic quality management.

The QM system of the Private University College of Teacher Education Burgenland is based on the model of the EFQM (European
Foundation for Quality Management), which follows the continuous improvement cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act and identifies strengths and potential for improvement based on self-assessment. Currently, the Private University College of Teacher Education Burgenland is proceeding according to the 2022-2024 target and performance plan.  

The tasks in the area of multiprofessionalisation include

  • coordination of research activities
  • planning and implementation of study programmes for further education and training,
  • coordination, integration and evaluation of module courses for occupation-specific content in vocational education and training,
  • development and implementation of qualification offers for PH teachers, and
  • coordination of the Centre for Digital Competence.