Centre for Violence & Bullying Prevention and Personality Development

School has to create conditions for living together that open up personal development opportunities for every individual. The needs of all individuals should be heard and given space without losing sight of the social context.
The guiding principle of our work at the Centre for Violence & Bullying Prevention and Personality Development is to support educators in accompanying and promoting children and adolescents in their development into empathetic, self-confident, self-responsible and relational personalities.
We understand relationship building and personality development as the basis of pedagogical action and caring development support. Special importance is given to personality strengthening, (social) responsibility, peer learning, prevention of violence and bullying as well as leadership.

From this perspective, we see the following guiding questions:

Which relationship offers, competences and framework conditions are important in order to develop into an empathetic, self-responsible and self-confident personality that is able to relate to others?
What values, attitudes and skills are needed from the acting adults who relate with children and young people?
Which structures, programmes, publications, methods and measures could support this?