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  • Please observe the rules of conduct: Please wear face masks when entering the library wing and keep at least 1m distance to other people.
  • When you enter the library, your name will be entered in a list available there so that your communication channels can be traced if necessary.

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Libraries offer surprises, libraries connect, libraries are all-rounders and specialists, they help with writing and are an expression of a free, democratic society: Basically everyone has free access to all the information available in it.
Libraries enable diversity of opinion, democratise access to knowledge and are the cornerstones of a free, enlightened society.

By providing high-quality information, they contribute to education and research, to political participation, to coping with everyday life and to meaningful leisure activities. They enable lifelong learning and offer broad sections of the population individual access to knowledge.

The resulting challenges for the supply of information, communication technology and media give the library a key role in providing researchers, teachers and students with multimedia and connected working environments.

The Private University College of Teacher Education Burgenland is a member of the Austrian Library Association (Österreichischer Bibliothekenverbund, OBV) with its library software ALMA. The OBV is the largest national association of university, scientific and administrative libraries in the country. More than 90 libraries are currently actively participating in this network through online cataloguing, including the Austrian National Library and all federal university libraries.

The Private University College of Teacher Education Burgenland thus has the most modern library software at its disposal: All available data can be permanently accessed via the internet, all library-relevant processes such as book/media orders, borrowing status, location of media, and book renewals can be viewed online.