Executive department of Minority Education

Linguistic diversity

With its focus on multilingualism and ethnic group languages, the University College of Teacher Education Burgenland takes account of the bilingual education system in Burgenland. This adequately reflects the linguistic diversity of ethnic groups in the province and gives appropriate space and importance to multilingualism, intercultural learning and cultural diversity.

A specialised didactic centre for languages with special consideration of the Burgenland ethnic group languages (Burgenland Croatian, Hungarian) supports teachers in their daily work in the bilingual classroom. In the so-called "Language Workshop" at the PPH Burgenland, evidence-based analogue and digital teaching materials for teaching the ethnic group languages are (further) developed, disseminated and researched.

Language Workshop

The history of the Burgenland shows what possibilities and potential can be created through multilingualism and intercultural learning. For this reason, the University College of Teacher Education, with its focus on multilingualism and intercultural education, promotes bilingual education in Burgenland.

In order to be able to provide efficient and effective support for educators, an appropriate infrastructure is required. Therefore, at the beginning of the academic year 2008/09, the University of Education Burgenland, in cooperation with the Burgenland School Board, established a regional centre for language teaching with special emphasis on the Burgenland ethnic group languages.

The establishment of this language workshop has created an infrastructural possibility for Burgenland for ongoing activities of the permanent pedagogical work groups of the Burgenland ethnic groups and for projects for the development of teaching at the PPH Burgenland.

Functions of the Language Workshop:

  • Regional didactic centre (especially for the ethnic groups)
  • Place for the activities of the work groups
  • Specialist library and media library with publications of the Burgenland ethnic groups (especially didactic materials, textbooks and specialist literature)
  • Place for meetings and cooperation events of the Burgenland ethnic groups
  • Place for presentations of new publications
  • Seminar venue for further education and training

In this language workshop, new learning materials are constantly being created, which can be downloaded from the LMS-platform (when logged in) at: https://lms.at/dotlrn/classes/bgld_kroatisch/1.SPRACHENWERKST_SPRW.12_13/register

Lehrgang Zweisprachiger Unterricht Deutsch/Kroatisch

Lehrgang Zweisprachiger Unterricht Deutsch/Ungarisch