Teaching staff

Welcome to the PPHB - Private University College for Teacher Education Burgenland!

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, teachers and employees from our partner universities also have the opportunity to enjoy a stay at the Private University College of Teacher Education Burgenland. This mobility is financially supported by the European Commission.

On the basis of inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreements between the Private University College for Teacher Education Burgenland and European higher education institutions it is possible for lecturers to teach here or do further training in the form of job shadowing. Mobilities lead to a consolidation of existing partnerships and offer all university staff the chance to learn and gain experience.

According to the rules of the European Union we have to have a mobility programme that integrates the expertise of the visiting lecturers into both the curriculum and the course plan of the Private University College for Teacher Education.

If you are interested in a stay, please contact our International Office at alexandra.baier(at)ph-burgenland.at.